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A Company You Can Trust

RIghtway Power Solution Engineering was established in 2001. The company Provides complete Solution of Power Generation and Distribution Products for Diesel/Gas Engines, Generator sets, Power Plants & We Provides Diesel & Gas Generator Sets, Diesel/Gas Engines, and Generator Alternator Motor 10KVA to 2000KVA, Engine Parts, Sales, Service, Overhauling, Repairing, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Installation & Power consultant. Serving the Diesel & Gas power generation needs with world best Quality Products & Best Services.
We are the one of the largest seller of Generator set Electrical Parts & Automation systems, Ac Generator/Ac Alternator, Generator set controller, complete control Panel maker in Pakistan.
Our Company is the Authorized Dealer/Seller of below Companies in Pakistan:-
Authorized Distributor of:- EN-KO Electronic Turkey ( Control System for Generator sets / Battery Chargers ).
Authorized Dealer/Seller of:- DEIF (Denmark) ( Power Generation, Synchronization and Distribution Products for Diesel/Gas Engines, Generator sets, Power Plants).
RIghtway Power Solution Company believes that by providing genuine engineering products to cater to your Powering needs; we are helping your business operations to deliver timely and also to further its potential. It is therefore, RIghtway Power Solution Company philosophy to provide the highest quality products and services not only to satisfy our customers expectations, but to also secure a long-term partnership that assure both our customer’s and RIghtway Power Solution’s business growth.
We can provide a good rang range of Stock of diesel & gas generator sets & there all electrical parts.
Stock electrical Parts detail:- (wide variety of many Brands :- AVR, Speed Controllers, Actuator, single Generator sets Controller, ATS/AMF Controllers, Synchronizing + Load Shearing Controllers, Engine & Gen-set Control Module, Engine Starting & Protection Control Module, PLC controller, Gen/part PCB Module, CMP Sensors, IPR Sensors, EIM module, Electronic Injectors & Oil Pressure Gauges & Sensors, Water Temp Gauges & Sensors, Dc/Ac Voltmeters, RPM meters, Start/Stop Solenoid’s, Battery Chargers, Digital & Analog Panel Meters, Single & three Phase Diode Brigades & many many other Parts are available in our ready stock).
We Deal’s in Flowing Companies Products:-
AC Generator/Alternators:- Original Brands available in Used:- Stamford, Leory-somer, Marathon, Caterpillar, Mecc-Alt, Kato electric, Japnies ( Denyo, NIPPON SHARYO, Airman),MarelliMotori, Etc many others.
We also have Big Stock of ( 5kw to 500kw) Stamford, Leory-somer, Marathon type Copy New Ac Alternators with Excellent Quality & Warranty With our Brands Name ( Gen-tech & New-Tech ).
Generators set Diesel & Gas (Used) (10kw to 2000kw):- Caterpillar, Cummins, Perkins, Waukesha, MAN, Jenbacher.
Generators set Diesel New (10kw to 1500kw):- Cummins, Perkins.
Gas & Gasoline Generator set Small Power Range (1kw to 30kw):- KAT-POWER Spain (Honda & Hyundai Engines), GEN-POWER Turkey, OES Power Pakistan, Briggs & Stratton USA, RIghtway Power Solution Owen Made Gas generator sets.
AVR:-EN-KO, Stamford, Leory-somer, Marathon, Basler electric, Caterpillar, Cummins & Power Point Own brand Universal AVR & many others imported brands AVR.
Speed Control Unites, Actuator, Governor Cards & MPU:- Woodward, Heinzman, Barber-Colman, GAC, Cummins & Power Point made Universal Speed Control Units.
Synchronizing & Load Shearing Control Systems:- Control Systems (wide variety of controllers for Synchronizing + Load Shearing with analog & Digital systems), World Largest, Oldest & best Quality Power Generation Products Manufacture Company.
Single Genset/Engine Control & Protection Systems:- DEIF, EN-KO ( Genset Controller & Protection Modules), Caterpillar (EMCP Series), FG-Wilson/Olympian (Power Wizard series), Perkins (Gen-Part series), Cummins (Power Command Series), Deep-sea Control system, Comap power generation controllers, Murphy, Crompton, Siemens, & Power Point brand Controller etc..
Battery Chargers:- Excellent quality imported EN-KO Turkey Company 5amp, 10amp, 20amp, 40amp are available.
Panel Meters:- Ap, SEW, Ziegler.
Auto Gauges/Sensors:- Gen-Tech, VDO, Murphy, Datcon, FD, Auto gauge etc.
Diode Brigade’s:- Leory-somer, Stamford, Caterpillar.
Complete Control Panels:- We Produce Complete Generator set Control Panels for all kind of Generators Sets, Engines & Power Plants with different Companies Control systems. & So many Complete Panels with Different Company Controller are ready in our stock.
We can provide the most competitive prices, highly reliable quality Products and prompt delivery of related items.
Our company’s goal is simply to provide an unrivaled service to our varied client base, by way of competitive pricing, parts stock holding and express deliveries on generating sets and other power plant as well as technical support, both before and after sales.
So whether a generating set, a single filter or a container of parts are required, we stand ready to provide fast and competitive response to all inquiries.
A quick tour of our site, will enable you to see the full scope and breadth of our activities.
If you have any inquiry, Most welcome to connect with us at any time.
We assure you our best services and support on time all the time.